The last of my string of boys ~ Melanie B Photography ~ Newborn Photography ~ Maryland

There were three unique things about this precious little guy.  One was that he seemed to be in constant motion…even when apparently sound asleep!  His mom confirmed that that was how he was in the womb as well.  The second was that he was quite smiley, which you’ll see in this picture (and if you want to make a comment about newborns and smiling…keep it to yourself!  We here at Melanie B believe they are real smiles! 🙂 ).


And, yes, that it his little foot up there next to his chin…which brings us to the third unique thing:  he was breech, so he was quite curly, and perfectly comfortable in this pose!  We actually had to work hard to get him uncurled enough to see his face some too.  Here are some more shots from his session.



I just love the way he’s resting his cheek on his fist in this family shot!


My favorite way to do hand and feet pictures is with the parent’s hand in the shot as well because we get to see just how tiny those little toes really are.


And once again…

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