My First Sneak Peek: 2-year-old birthday session ~ Melanie B Photography ~ Maryland

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph this little guy 8 times (yes, that’s 8 sessions in 2 years!!!  His mommy really likes pictures!!!), and each session is better than the next.  This one is no exception!

Look at that eye contact!  He stared intently into my lens for at least a minute or two…..very unusual, and heaven for a photographer.  🙂

So what are some of this 2-year-olds favorite things to do?

1.  Pick up sticks in the yard with Daddy!  He was so proud of this one.

2.  Ride on this super fun tractor!

3.  Take a quick spin through the house on his tricycle,

4.  and then relax for a bit to tell Mom and Dad about his day.