Happy 1st Birthday! ~ Melanie B Photography ~ Baby Photography ~ Maryland

This little guy came for his pictures the day after his first birthday.  He was a little quiet and serious at first, but he opened up after a few minutes and gave us some great smiles and giggles too.  He also gave me great eye contact throughout the whole session.  Most babies lose interest in looking at that boring black circle (ie my lens) pretty quickly, but not this one.  He just looked and looked!

I love how he’s peeking over at me in this one.


You can just see those cute little teeth in there!


What can I say?  I’m just in love with this one!


At the end of the shoot, we let him wander around a bit, and I caught this one while he was looking out the window of my breakfast room.


And we did some shots with Mom and Dad too!  I’m always glad when moms and dads want to be part of the session too because someday, their children are going to cherish these pictures of their parents.  We all want pictures of our children for ourselves, but sometimes we forget that our children will want pictures of us too!