FAQ: What should I order? I can’t decide!

Well, probably every photographer and every customer has a different answer to this question, but since you asked me, I’ll give you my answer!  🙂

I think that you need at least three things from every session:  a big, beautiful wall portrait of your favorite image,  an album that includes lots of favorites to put on your coffee table and look at over and over, and some smaller prints to frame for your desk  and give as gifts.

I have structured my 2009 price list so that every Print Collection gives you those three, and maybe a little more!

I’ve included either a 16×20 print or a 20×24 Gallery Mount or Canvas as the wall portrait. I included a larger Gallery Mount or Canvas because once the 16×20 print is framed, the finished size will be at least 20×24 (and probably a little larger if you are using a mat).  Thus you will be filling approximately the same amount of wall space with any product.

The Basic Collection gives you loose 5x7s so that you can make your own album, and the other three collections all include a finished album.

And remember, if the combination of sizes that I’ve included in the Collections doesn’t work for you, you can always make substitutions (of equal or lesser value).  Sometimes a client knows what she wants, but doesn’t know how to fit it into one of my Collections.  I’m happy to help figure out how to make the substitutions to give you the most for your money.

PS  The Ultimate and Luxury Collections include one 11×14 and five 8x10s, which once framed can be hung with the Gallery Mount or Canvas (also included in those Collections) to create a beautiful Wall Gallery.  Keep an eye out for an upcoming post for more information on creating a Wall Gallery!